Play in the forest of Yambaru

ATV Adventure Tours

ATV Adventure Tours

An adventure tour to experience nature!

An adventure tour where you experience nature while enjoying the Yambaru forest!

You can also get spectacular views of the Yambaru forest and the east coast while driving through a farm of about 100,000 square meters. Enjoy the forest, ocean, and nature of Yambaru in this all-encompassing ATV experience, which includes a farm course, forest course, and scenic course!

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Activity Details

Date of event Held every day!
Start Time 09:30 / 10:15 / 11:00 / 11:45 / 12:30 /
13:15 / 14:00 / 14:45 / 15:30 / 16:15
*Meet 20 minutes before the start of the tour. The tour duration is 60 minutes.
Fee (tax included) Adult (16 years and older) – 6,500 JPY
Teens 11-15 years old – 6,000 JPY
Children (4-10 years old) – 500 JPY
*Pregnant women are not allowed to participate for safety reasons.
Included in the price Entrance fee, ride experience fee, and guide fee
Conditions of Participation and Information *Children 3 years old or younger are not allowed to ride for safety reasons.
*Children must ride with an adult passenger.
*Those who are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to participate.
Clothing Please wear clothes that are easy to move around in and can get dirty, and athletic shoes.
When it rains Experience is possible even if it rains. However, thunder, lightning, and heavy rain may cause cancelations.
Meeting place Yanbaru Adventure Field (in Matayoshi Coffee farm)
Address: 718-28 Gesashi, Higashi-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Tour Flow (1) Talk about how to ride an ATV
Beginners are also welcome to practice with the guide in advance on a flat area (about 15 minutes)

(2) Explore the farm on an ATV
Take a leisurely ATV ride through the farm. In between rides, the guide will point out what produce is in season (about 15 minutes)

(3) Scenery Course
The guide will take you to a course where you can enjoy the view of the east coast of Okinawa (about 15 minutes)

(4) Forest Course
ATV ride on the bumpy road. High-tension fun! (about 15 minutes)

Our Staff

Yuichi Nakahara
Yuichi Nakahara
Graduated from high school in Tokyo and went on to technical school.
Worked for an apparel company.
After that, he moved to Okinawa to work in nature and started working at Yambarunture.
Hobbies and Special Skills
Soccer, collecting vintage clothing, drinking, outdoor activities (camping)
My Work Policy
I try to make every tour the most enjoyable for myself as well as for the clients! Don’t miss the fun!
Attractions of Yambaru that I want you to know about
Rich nature, unique ecosystem, endangered species, and more!
Message to Customers
In the short time of 60 minutes, you can enjoy ATVs, nature, and coffee farms. There is no other place in Japan where you can experience nature like this. People have the idea that in Okinawa, the ocean is the only real nature that you need to see. But we are going to overturn this notion with the ATV ride! Let’s all go experience the great nature of Okinawa!
I look forward to seeing you all!


I want to try both the ATV and the zipline. How should I organize my schedule?
(1) Zipline at 10:00 ⇒ ATV at 11:45.
(2) Zipline at 13:00 ⇒ ATV at 14:45.
These are the ways to minimize wait times and have the smoothest experience.
I will be 11 years old next month. Can I drive the ATV by myself?
We are very sorry. You must be 11 years old on the day of participation.
I am applying for ATV, can I drive one without a license?
Yes, you can drive yourself if you are 11 years old or older.
Will my clothes get dirty during the experience?
Depending on the weather, please come prepared to get dirty. Please wear clothes that are easy to move in and can get dirty, and athletic shoes.
I am unable to participate because I have an infant. Is there a place to wait while my family is going through the program?
Yes. The adjacent Matayoshi Cafe is where you can wait while taking a break.
Is parking available?
Parking is available right in front of the reception desk.
Will the event be held in case of rain?
The tour will be held unless there is a severe storm. If the tour is cancelled, we will contact your registered emergency contact when the decision is made. However, unless notified otherwise, the tour will be held.
Is it possible to take a bus?
We are very sorry. No public transportation exists, so please come to our park by rental car or cab.
How much does a cab cost?
Please contact the cab company directly for detailed cab fare information.
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On-site staff can only communicate in Japanese or English. In order to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the activities, you must be able to read and understand the English written in the application.
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